Restaurant Menu Covers

  • We provide menu covers for fine dining in your restaurant.
  • Our restaurant menu covers are made of stunning materials like buckram or faux leather, and come in a wide range of styles and sizes.
  • The menu covers may be embossed or digital printing to meet your needs. Just provide us with your artwork and we will do the rest

Bistro / Café Menu Covers

  • Wide range of menu covers at low cost suitable for your bistro, café or takeaway.
  • Menu covers must be robust as they can be rough handled.
  • They also need a quick change style, with pocket opening top or side.
  • The menu covers come in a range of styles and sizes using low cost polypropylene material.
  • The menu covers are held in stock ready for next day dispatch and are great value.

Menu Boards

  • We provide a range of menu boards, menu clip boards suitable for bistro, café or restaurant.

Custom Made

  • Design your own menu to give that fine dining experience and impress your customers.
  • Choose your design style, materials, paper handling and printing (embossed or digital printing).
  • Give us a call or visit our companion website