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Hotel Bistro
Café / Takeaway
Custom Made

Stunning Menu Covers, Menu Holders & Menu Clip Boards

Restaurant Menu Covers

  • Our restaurant menu covers are made of stunning materials like buckram or faux leather, and come in a wide range of styles and sizes.
  • The menu covers may be embossed or digital printing to meet your needs. Just provide us with your artwork and we will do the rest

Bistro / Café Menu Holders

  • Menu holders must be robust as they can be rough handled.
  • They also need a quick change style, with pocket opening top or side.
  • The menu holders come in a range of styles and sizes using low cost polypropylene material.
  • The menu holders are held in stock ready for next day dispatch and are great value.

Menu Boards

  • We provide a range of menu boards, menu clip boards suitable for bistro, café or restaurant.

Custom Made

  • Design your own menu.
  • You can choose
    • shape and size (A3, A4, A5, slimline)
    • material (buckram, faux leather)
    • paper handling
    • printing (emboss or digital)
    • your artwork

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Frequently Asked Questions

Menu Covers are used for different reasons some like to show the style of the restaurant and others want a fast change menu holder that is easy to clean and wont deteriorate easily.

We at Menu covers offer many different types of menu covers and menu holders.

Firstly the light weight polyprop slip in menu holders comes in a simple A5 size which is 149mm by 105mm

You can print out an A4 sheet and then cut in half if you print on both sides it works well because you only print on one A4 page on 2 sides

Cut in half then slip in so both sides of the menu can be seen and is protected and is easily cleaned by wiping a small detergent covered cloth and then wiping with dry cloth.

Edgebound Menu Holders or as some say the American style as used mostly in family restaurants and cafes in North America.

The edgebound menu holder has a PVC coated material often called PU then is run through a sewing machine and stitch around the perimeter of a Semi rigid PVC or a clear PP the material is clear and the printed menu can be easily seen and changed whenever needed without much fuss.

The edgebound menu covers are very durable and hard wearing used in high traffic restaurants and cafes.

The edgebound menu Holders come in A4 single or A4 double which shows 4 pages of menus.

We also have the A5 edgebound menu holders as a single and double.

Then there’s the slimline edgebound menu holders which holds an A4 paper cut in portrait size with is 105mm X 297mm

Again the paper can be slipped in and show clearly and are easily cleaned with detergent and a wet cloth.

The stitched PU version of menu covers are a bit more expensive but offer a more classy look.

The PU has a slight PVC film to make them easy to clean and look and feel a bit like leather or Faux leather at least.

A4 is the most popular in the range.

The plastic pockets are easy to change the menu design in and easy to clean.

The folder style has different designs, like the two part covers with external spine menu covers.

This means the spine is exposed and the brass or silver binder screws can be seen. These binder screws can be different lengths so you can add many pages of menu designs or even PVC plastic pockets to hold the menu paper.

The Internal spine of the Two part menu covers has the binder screws on the inside of the menu holder, you can add plastic pockets or pages.

The idea is to hide the spine and binder screws from front.

Internal rear pocket is another design for our buckram range of materials.

The internal back pocket is a slip in pocket on inside rear menu cover.

The restaurant prepares a booklet style menu range on A3 paper and slips half into back pocket leaving the other half ( A4) displayed for customer selection.

You can also make up an A4 booklet with staples and slip in back page to allow folder style menu pages.

The A3 version of this menu holder can be custom made by our qualified tradespeople.

Custom menu covers and menu holders can be made with utmost quality and designing