When it comes to cafe menu covers, there is a plethora of options to choose from. The first step to take when choosing the right kind of cover for a particular restaurant or cafe is to choose the style of menu. The style typically revolves around how the cafe or restaurant menu is bound, as well as the edging and spine of the cover. Options typically include clear edging and spine or fabric edging and spine. You can also mix it up and have a cover with clear edging and a fabric spine, or the other way around with fabric edging and a clear spine. In addition, there are also heat-sealed menus that are all clear and have a laminate protecting the menu, as well full vinyl covered menus.
The style of the menu cover typically depends on the style and feel of the restaurant where it is going to be used. Heat-sealed covers are typically used at family restaurants with moderate pricing. Vinyl covered menus, on the other hand, are typically used at more upscale, fancy restaurants. It is important to choose a cover that fits with the style of the restaurant or cafe. The cover is typically the first impression that a patron receives when they look to see what the restaurant has to offer. If the cafe menu covers do not fit with the type of food served or the overall feel of the restaurant, it can send confusion to the patron