Your Menu Covers are the only item your customers are guaranteed to pay attention to when they walk into your establishment

Your new Menu Covers should be a reflection of your restaurants’ image and identity. They can include graphics (your company logo and slogan etc.) and details about your location and specialties.

If your establishment is known for it’s location or people, a historic building or a charismatic owner perhaps, then printing the image of this feature on your cover will highlight this.

We have printed everything from stylised peppercorns to comedy caricatures…

Menu Material

The cover needs to be made of a durable material to protect the contents. Many Cafe owners and Restaurateurs are moving away from laminated Menus to avoid the cost and limitations of reprinting when items change.

By using a material that is both attractive and strong such as a coated linen like Buckram or the functional Polypropylene you’re ensuring a tidy balance of form and function.

PVC pockets are a great option to display a Menu clearly and provide an even greater level of protection. Use a tough, acid free and scratch resistant pocket to provide longevity.

Menu Size

Menu sizing is very important when matching the function, style and materials. A food menu is commonly contained in an A4 folder style where customers are used to leafing through all the fantastic options.

Depending on your taste, containing the Wine List and Desserts within the same folder is a cost effective way of presenting.

If you’re after a “point of difference” a slimline (usually taking paper approx 105mm x 300mm) folder is a great option for offering a separate Wine or Cocktail list, especially if that list is placed on the bar for customers to flip through. Dating Coaching

Menu Boards are an excellent way of displaying a single page of specials or even a menu of 2 or 3 pages.

Remember, the cover is the first step in the menu’s role as a communication tool, and it’s the only place on paper where you can communicate your identity to the customer.